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Mr Lee, Can you tell me where I might find a copy of Live in Sao Paulo. I love all of you live cds and I'm sure I would love this one also but I can't find it.
Any one got a Bryan Lee T-shirt for sale (XL)? H'ep a man, please.
Bryan - I absolutely love your music. Learned about you from Kenny Wayne Shepherd's 10 Days Out CD & DVD. Sorry to see you don't have any gigs scheduled on the West Coast. It would be a dream come-true to see and hear you in person some day. Thank you for all you do for the Blues. With Admriration & Respect. Your Friend & Fan Jeff from Napa, CA
Hi Brian, Used to see you at the Shindig in Wausau Wisconsin in 1968/69 when you were Brian Lee and the Soul Express. Couldn't wait for you to play there...still remember your music well. Someday hope to see you play again... All the best... Ken Martell
I've been a fan for about 40 of his 50 performing years. Used to enjoy him at the Intersection Bar and Grand Rapids, MI in the mid to late 70's when ever he was in town. SOOOO glad to see he is coming to the Tip Top Deluxe Bar in Grand Rapids on 3/30/14- MY 58th BIRTHDAY!!! Woo-hoo!! Can't imagine a better way to celebrate. Bought his newest CD after hearing a song on local indy FM giant WYCE, Amazon says here tomorrow, can't wait. Cheers and looking forward!
Dear Bryan Lee I visited your place several times and you visited mine in Denmark and we enjoyed your music so much all the time. I'm going to New Orleans once more 10th till 15th of March and I hope so much I get the chance to say hello and enjoy your great music another time. Yours sincerely Strange
I just love you to death. I wish you would play closer to me. That would be in Connecticut. You are the best, Blues Daddy.
I have never heard anyone play with so much soul, I love your style man , it is perfect
Hi I met Bryan in St Pete and I have a Cd for him ...he gave me his card but no address...may I have an address to send the cd to in Pensacola? Thank you
Thank you thank you thank you. I cannot tell you how many times I've listened to the live stuff from the old absinthe house. A reason to be, no shit. Nothing less than that. Thank you, sl
I can not wait to see you and the band in Fort Myers, Fl on Nov. 30th. Please bring cd's I must buy a few. The last time I saw you and your band was in New Orleans 1 year before Katrina hit. I am so very happy you are still playing music..
Bryan I was at the Serville Monday night I'm the host for blues Society of NW Florida. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your playing and how well you handle the stage a real pro for sure. I hope when you get back to are jam I would very much like to sit in on your jam. I'm an old left handed drum that would love to play the blues with you the whole blues and nothing but the blues so help me God. Till then take care and be safe.
Are you ever coming to the West coast - like San Diego?
We caught you twice this year. First show in Waukesha Wi. Second show @ The Howlin Wolf Celebration in West Point Ms. Both times you were the highlight of the evening. Look forward to seeing you soon. Maybe in the Chicago area? Take care keep bluesin thank you Gabe and Diana Gutierrez
Hello, I would like to purchase Old School Blues but can't click on it on the "Buy Now" part of the CD Store. How can I order it? Thanks.
Love the style of blues, Bryan plays, it is a moving kind
Looking forward to seeing you at Bradfordville in Nov. : )
Had a blast seeing you in Forada, MN! Blew me away! Hope you come back again soon.
Big fan for over 30 years saw you in delaware friday you guys KILLED IT!!!! blew the roof off the joint!!!
Ove Heat Seeking Missile and all of the others that I have. Enjoy that it is lively blues.
saw you in New Orleans, and loved you, your band your music. Wish you would come play in Texas some time soon.
Enjoyed many of your gigs in the Metairie area. I have friends and family, by marriage in New Orleans. I try to find your band when I'm in the area. Love your Blues sytle!
Bryan, we saw you for the first time in Waupon wis. Now we will be heading to the Howlin Wolf festival to enjoy your bluz once again. Loving da bluz.
Will Bryan have his band playing at 5 sisters also?
My husband and I noticed that you are playing on a Monday nite in September (9th) at the Five Sisters Blues Café in Pensacola, FL..they are usually closed on Monday so we were wondering if this is a special night performance? We are VERY excited!!!
Aloha from Hawaii...it's Sunday morning here and most people are at the beach surfing, snorkeling, sunning and funning but I'm smack dab in the Old Absinthe House (Saturday Night) listening and playing along with Bryan, The Band, Kenny and Frank... great vibe. Thanks Bryan and the Band for laying down some great music. Been introducing some of the local ukulele players to Blues music. Love it with a feeling.
Bryan we really miss you here in New Orleans. Not sure what happened we went to catch your show several months back and the club on Bourbon was closed and dismantled. I know you have played a few local venues since but could not make the schedule work. Thought for sure you would be back. Hope you are just cooling off up there where the Moose run free. Hope to see you soon maybe Pensacola in September. Good luck with all that you do, Try the IP Casino in Biloxi, we saw BB, Buddy and Kenny Wayne there last month and really enjoyed it
Saw you guys in Toronto at the Beaches Jazz Festival. OUTSTANDING! Met Bryan after show and got a photo and CD autographed. Thanks Bethany for taking the picture of Bryan, me and my wife, I forgot to thank you.
Bryan. You rocked the house last night at the Beaches festival. I been waiting for you to come back to Toronto. Haven't seen you since Absinthe days. Got your cd's to keep up with you. Keep the Blues coming. We can feel it.
I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Bryan live at my Papa's bar and I enjoyed every bit of it! I adore the blues and his voice is perfect for it! I play the saxophone and I can say I personally think the band is fantastic! It takes a lot of skill for them to do what they do! And props goes out to Mr Brent, I love the Hot pink Guitar!!
Hello Everybody! We enjoyed meeting you in Montréal on July 11 and we are working on your article for Le Net Blues.com which will be out shortly. Thank you, Bryan, for your words of wisdom--you are the REAL DEAL. All the best and continued success, Barbara Diab
Let me know when you're in Philadelphia area.
Hi Gang, Bryan, Had a great time listening to you at the Montreal jazz festival saturday night. Thanks for coming by once again -;)
I saw Mr. Bryan Lee at the balloon and blues fest in Monroe Wisconsin 6/15/2013 I was so blowin away with the music that he jammed out,and his other guitarist is fantastic and young he also will be a great artist . Look forward to seeing Bryan again someday.. Thank you for a rememberable night
What a fantastic performance at the Balloon and Blues Festival in Monroe WI 6/15/13. Looking forward to seeing you in a future performance. Your music speaks to the soul!
Any plans to come to New York (Long Island or anywhere else downstate)? Would love to come to a live show.
Been such a fan since the Ole Absinthe House days. So much fun you are awesome.So many great memories.
Hi Bryan Saw you once in Bourben St Bloody amazing Night!!! Hope to see you again when we get back to the States Or why not tour here in Australia Cheers Greg
I saw your show at Chan's in Woonsocket RI in May. You and your band were fantastic! Great show!! Please come back to Chan's!!!
Brian. We really enjoyed the show you guys put on last night at our school district maintenance cookout. Thank you so much. Look forward to seeing you at Pensacola beach this summer.
Had a great time at your show last night. Next time your planning a tour in this neck of the woods let me know and I'll talk to Tony at The Falcon in Marlboro for you if you would like. There are a couple of other rooms in the area that you might like also. We might be interested in helping with fund raising for vets too. Chris Oleary is an x marine. Check out "Dressed Blues off of our first album. Enjoy all of your upcoming tours.
Would love to see you get to the Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach, VA area
Hey there, Really enjoyed your show at the Capitol Oyster bar in Montgomery AL on May 12th, 2013. I met one of the people that work with you named Tommy Hargrove. (we sat at the same table with family from your band.) I can't find him on Facebook and would love to stay in touch. Can you give him this message when you get this. Hope to see you at the Paradise Bar and Grill in Pensacola this summer.
Hello Bryan. Back in October 2005 you performed at Fat Fish Blue and I just happened to stroll in there. I was so suprised to see you in there. I had gone to Cleveland on a vacation by myself to see Frank Marino play. I first heard about you listening to aLive album you recorded that had Frank as a guest musician so I bought it and the rest is history. During a break you came and sat at my table and we spoke during that time and that was a real highlight of my trip. I never did get a chance to thank you for your kindness. So thank you Bryan.
We were in New Orleans Easter Weekend for my, Kelly's, birthday, March 28th. We had 10 additional friends with us, some who had not been to New Orleans before but had heard Bryan and the Blues Power Band when they played at our house in N.C. Was disappointed that Bryan was not playing anywhere near by. We had a great time, of course, but seeing the band would have been awesome. Sorry we missed y'all. Hope to be able to see you soon.
I Love me some Bryan Lee!
I first heard Mr Lee on the House of Blues Radio Hour in the early 2000's have been a fan ever since the first time I heard hi I had to go out and buy his album. I hope to see you live one day.
Hey Bryan, Enjoyed your show in Englewood last month. Looking forward to seeing you @ Jazz fest. Send me a private e-mail & I'll send you photos of your condition & how we fix it. RMC
I had the pleasure of seeing Bryan and his band LIVE at The Little Bar in Goodland, FL on March 8, 2013 and he packed the place and wowed the audience with is fantastic Blues Music!! I was so happy to have been at the right place at the right time -- it was the first night of my Marco Island/Goodland vacation and what a way to start it off!! Thanks for some great memories!
Happy Birthday Braille Blues Daddy!! All my best wishes for you and Miss Bethany in Pensacola, Surely someone there will realize their good fortune and construct/create a proper blues venue for you to keep playing your music. Can't find a steady gig in New Orleans? Sad beyond words. The Jumpstreet 5 days live on in my heart. I last saw you perforn in Kansas City at Knuckleheads about a year ago..... we chatted for a few minutes during your break. You were your usual spectaculatur self and so gracious with your time. Hope to get down to FLA and see you Rock the Gulf! Godspeed to you and yours. A fan.
Last night was the second time I was in your audience at Bert's Bar in Matlacha. My husband and I brought along friends, a music-loving couple, he is from Cuba and she, from Puerto Rico! They have only heard recorded Blues a few times but you now have Latin Blues fans! Thank you for your marvelous work. We so enjoy your sound. Happy Trails!
My wife and I enjoyed your show in Matlacha,Hope to see you again.Great band.Met Brent after the 1st set,excellent on the guitar and a great guy. Bob & Sue
Bryan, Glad to see you're coming to Milwaukee on March 26th. Hope to see you then. Thanks for the guitar lessons way back when. My guitar still doesn't talk to me like it talks to you! Bruce