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"...This album took me back to my days with the old-time tent revivals.  It offered words of admonishment, encouragement, testimonials, songs of praise and more...all backed by some of the sweetest music this side of the Pearly Gates.  I laughed, I cried, I sang along, shouted a few "amen's" and "hallelujah's" and raised my hands in praise to the Lord.  I even broke out my wallet until I remembered that I was listening to an album and there would be no offering taken.  The sweetest thing of all was the music throughout the entire experience.  Bryan Lee has an understated guitar style, not unlike that laid back, flowing style of B.B. King.  Until Thomas A. Dorsey, church music was almost entirely songs of praise to God.  Dorsey introduced the human element with songs like "Precious Lord, Take My Hand".  Dorsey would go on to be recognized as the Father of Gospel music.  Lee and company take things a step further, taking the listener to church.  Regardless of whether he is performing blues, jazz, soul or good old-time rock & roll, Bryan Lee's audience is in for a great time.  Sanctuary will be remembered as an all-time classic from a man who is no less than a living legend.  The beauty of this whole deal is that regardless of whether you are a fan of gospel or not, this is a great blues album.  I recommend it highly." ~ Bill Wilson, Reflections In Blue, October 2018






BRYAN LEE/Sanctuary: This funky white boy with the blues already had a load of Nawlins and Chicago under his belt with an already impressive career when he was touched by the spirit in Norway which led to the genesis of this funky, blues gospel album. While just mentioning gospel can be off putting to a lot of listeners, there's something about the way this soul comes from the soul that you'd be a fool not to check it out because of preconceived notions about gospel. He certainly takes the secular to church and somehow the two entities find a middle ground in his soul without having to fight for it. Tasty and unexpected, this cat has a way of seeing things better than the sighted can. Hot stuff.

Midwest Records October 5, 2018 




Tekst: Iain Patience


‘Sanctuary’ is a truly surprising release, a mix of downright, full-throttle blues and near-gospel tracks that come mostly from BryanLee’s own writing. Lee, blind since age eight or so, has been picking guitar for over sixty years and the ability such experience brings rings clear and loud throughout here. Muddy Waters once tipped Lee as a blues survivor and likely living legend: praise don’t come any higher in the blues world.


With eleven tracks to play with this album also features some delightful piano and keys work and a totally well-rounded performance from a host of top-dollar US southern sidemen including some simply wonderful , inspiring backing vocals from Dierdrie Fellner. Lee has a rasping, gripping vocal delivery that always remains just the right side of uplifting. In many ways Lee successfully dishes out a remarkable range of songs that impress for their rhythmic class and dramatic lyrics, reflecting Lee’s own deeply held religious opinions and beliefs, a factor that clearly surfaces at every turn.
But this is no simple Old Time Religion or gospel offering; ‘Sanctuary’ is an album roaring with long-held religious fervour and belief. This is a release crammed full to bursting with burning blues and fiery fretwork from a man working at the very top of his game.


‘Sanctuary’ hits all the needed spots, delivering funky overdrive, and down and dirty blues snatches, whenever and wherever required, highlighting Lee’s huge ability, talent and downright towering genius. This is an album to hit loud, hard and repeatedly.

Blues Magazine: The Netherlands; October 2018



The album in which Lee expresses his love for the Lord and gratitude for his talent and career in eleven tracks reflects his faith. The first of eight originals "Fight For the Light", a funky gospel and "The Gift" can be heard on Bourbon Street. With "Jesus Gave Me the Blues" we get even more funk and also "U-Haul" (from Cootie Stark) seems to come from "his" New Orleans. With the title song "Sanctuary" you stand praying and singing in the church. During the gripping "Do not Take My Blindness for a Weakness" and the beautiful "I Is not Gonna Stop" (with Jimmy Voegeli on honky tonk piano) you will be left quiet and whole. You get even more Bourbon feeling with "Mr. Big "and" Only If You Praise the Lord ". "Jesus Is My Lord and Savior", the closing track is a jazzy track that represents the class of musicians present (as Deidre Fellner: b-vocs, Marc Spagone: guitar, Jack Berry & David Kasik: bass, Matt Liban: drums, Steve Hamilton: percussion & Greg Koch: dobro) in the paint.

Bryan Lee had a dream, a gift from God. He now shares that gift with us on 'Sanctuary'. Also that he is allowed to use his blues.     October 2018 

















Bryan Lee, 2010 Grammy Nominee, 2011 BMA Recipient, has been playing the Blues consistently for over 50 years now to fans all over the world. He is referred to by his peers as a “Living Legend”, “New Orleans Blues Institution” as well as your “Braille Blues Daddy”.
Bryan Lee is one of the few seasoned Blues musicians who consistently honors the art form of the Blues while incorporating his own personal touch which fans love to hear all over the world.
Bryan has performed with many of his peers over the years such as Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Freddie King, Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins, Willie Big Eye Smith, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Luther Allison, Sonny Landreth, Mike Zeto, Larry Garner, JW Jones, Tab Benoit, Albert King, Duke Robillard,  Albert Collins, Michael Burks and BB King to mention a few.
While performing at the historic Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street, a gig that lasted for 14 years five nights a week, Bryan gave Kenny Wayne Shepherd his first opportunity to perform on stage, at the age of 13. Since then the two of them have remained close friends. Bryan appeared as a special guest on Kenny Wayne Shepard’s “10 Days Out, Blues from the Backroads” CD/DVD released in 2007. Bryan Lee’s original hit tune “Tina Marie” was recorded with the KWS - Double Trouble and hit the top ten charts on Billboard, was featured on The Jay Leno and Tavis Smiley Show.
Bryan continues to mentor young Blues musicians such as Matthew Curry, Mike Imbasciani, Tallan Noble Latz, and Magnus Berg from Norway,  in hopes of keeping the art form alive and true to its original form.
Bryan Lee has 13 CD’s and 1 DVD out, all released on Justin Time Records from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. “Katrina Was Her Name” released in 2008 was nominated for a BMA, (Contemporary Blues)  and won The German Critic’s Award for Outstanding Blues.